Some FOs here. First the Saturday Market Bag.

Pattern- Saturday Market Bag
Yarn- Sugar and Cream Solids
Needles- Size 15 and 10 circular needles
Mods- While I was knitting I thought the bag would be to short so I added more repeats which made it to long. I am planning on knitting another one of these in the right length.

Next up is Argosy. I finally finished it!!

Pattern- Argosy Scarf
Yarn- Noro
Needles- Size 8 Pony Pearl circular needles
Mods- None

I also started some projects. The Fjord Pillow which is my first intarsia project. It is going really well but I had to put it down to knit on the Marathon gloves.

That is all. Knit on.

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Sarah said...

Your bag is great! I am your blog partner. I love your blog. I just read your last ten posts. The pictures are great! I can't wait to see your Clapotis.