New Year

Happy New Year!!!!

I have been reading other peoples blogs and see that the post there craft resolutions. I think that sound good so here goes...

1.Knit a Christmas present every monthe so I dont have to rush in November.
2.Knit a sock each month as part of the Ravelry groups I joined.
3.Try to expand my knitting horizons. maybe try traditional colourwork of lots of cables.
4. Design at least one pattern for an online knitting magazine.
5. have no more than 30 UFOs by the next new year.
6.Keep track of all the projects I start an finish.

I think that is about it right now. later.

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Audrey/ VeganPickles said...

Great resolutions! I'm going to try to knit more socks too, and get one of my patterns published.

I saw your link on Ravelry; will you consider putting my blog in your links? Thanks!