Rip it, Rip it, Rip it

So yesterday I had a great yarn shop experience. After breakfast all the girls decided that they wanted to go to a knitting store. So we searched on Google and found one that was pretty close. It is called Anneke's Needlework and it is in Miami Florida. It was a little hard to find but we soon found out it was worth getting lost for. I walked inside and saw rows of yarn on shelves, yarn hanging off the ceiling and wall, and yarn in boxes on all of the tables. The shop has three rooms. Two of them are filled with yarn and the third one houses crosstitch projects, needles, and notions. I love this place. It puts my small LYS to shame. While there I bought my biggest purchase of yarn that was not for a sweater. I had all this christmas money and the store had a 15% off sale on everything in the store.

I got 2 more balls of Trekking XXL in two beautiful colourways, My first ball of Jitterbug sock yarn which I love, and some yarn for the argyle socks I want to knit. I also got size one needles for Jaywalker, and some bobbins for the argyle socks.

Now, about Jaywalker... I finally cast on using the right sized needles but it was still huge. I have now ripped it out and started Gentleman Socks designed by Kristi. My only explanation for the hugeness of the socks was that I was using a thicker yarn. I have no idea. I was using Trekking XXL. Does anyone know if that is thicker than the Yarn called for?

That is about it for right now. Later!!


Kat said...

When I casted on my jaywalkers I though it was huge too. It worked out OK. I might try going down a needle size for your ribbin... hope that helps....

Kat said...

sorry, I meant to type ribbing